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Yes! Feel free to come back to the same Buddy with new questions and doubts. That’s how you start building a bond!

Yes, definitely. At Buddee we are aware that you might quickly change your career goals, so we have the mission to provide you with a team of an unlimited number of Buddies from several industries and companies.

Sure! On Buddee, you will both find private and corporate Buddies from several firms. All of them, at your fingerprint.

Nope! Buddies are not there to judge people or recruit them, so just enjoy an authentic moment with them to ask whatever comes to your mind.

Yes, Buddies are glad to widen the network of peers who can join Buddee, so don’t mind asking them to be introduced to their network!

Every month we set a limited number of slots to be taken so that we can avoid overwhelming Buddies with requests. Hence, despite there is no deadline, try to hurry up and conquer your slots as soon as you can.

Of course! Buddies are more than happy to introduce you to their firm and its story. Take the call as an opportunity to acquire knowledge about something you didn’t know.

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